Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Green Smoothies - a play by play :-)

Kale, grape, blueberry and egg white smoothie

This was today's green smoothie.  I think this particular combination is my favourite.  So here's how I make it...

Wash and rip up about 4 leaves of fresh kale.  Put them into the blender with some pasteurized egg whites and filtered water.

Blend this for a couple of minutes, just to get things going.  I think it's better to start by blending the kale before adding the fruit as this gives it a little bit of a head start and things won't get all clogged up in the blades. 

Add some frozen blueberries

and some frozen grapes (I take grapes off the stems, wash them and freeze them for just this purpose)

Blend all of this on medium speed for a minute and then on extra-high speed until fairly smooth

Pour into a glass and enjoy :-)


  1. My advice about egg whites: the liquid stuff in the cartons has additives that make them taste "off" to me. There are eggs that are pasteurized in the shell using warm water, and they taste like good, fresh eggs. They are also more bio-available this way and don't add a chemical-ly taste.

  2. Bette, thanks for the info. I've never noticed an 'off' taste to the egg whites. I'm not sure we can get eggs here that have been pasteurized in their shells. I actually don't have a problem with eating eggs raw, but since I only want the whites, it's a pain to try to find a use for all those yolks. I can only make so much zabaglione :-)


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