Sunday, December 06, 2009

Korean Pork Bone Soup

One of our favourite dishes to eat at Korean restaurants is pork neck bone soup.  I've often thought of making it at home, but never got around to it until today.  I found some neck bones on sale at a local Asian market yesterday.  I got two fair-sized bags for around a dollar each!  I figured this was a sign that I should be making it at home :-)  I used this recipe although I didn't soak the bones for 2 hours, I just put them into a pot of water, brought them to a boil and then drained the water off.  I then put them into the crockpot and more or less followed the recipe.  I decided against using the fish sauce as I thought we might not love the fish/pork combination.  I also used lots of baby bok choy instead of the cabbage.
Perry declared this as one of his favourite dishes ever!  So I'll be making this one again for sure :-)

Pork bone soup garnished with green onions and lots of kimchi


    Being Veggie sucks!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Well Sister, you know how to remedy that!!! :-) I'll be happy to make it again!!!


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