Friday, February 26, 2010

Pork Tenderloin with an Espresso Rub and Rosemary Sweet Potatoes


 I found this recipe the other day while looking for something to do with pork tenderloin. 
The idea of using espresso powder in the rub really appealed to me.  I was also really curious about adding fresh rosemary to mashed sweet potatoes.  We absolutely loved the whole meal, but the rosemary in the sweet potatoes was fantastic!  The flavours just worked so well together!  I don't think I'll ever make mashed sweet potatoes without rosemary again!  Really, they were THAT good!!!  
The changes I made to the original were as follows...
I didn't peel the sweet potatoes (the skin's my favourite part!) and I omitted the butter, using sour cream instead.  
I only roasted the tenderloin for 16 minutes and I'm so glad I did as it would have been overdone if I'd left it in even one minute longer.  As it was, it was slightly pink...just the way we like it.  Oh, and I used chipotle chili powder instead of ancho.  
I'll definitely be making this dish again.
Here are some pics. of the process...
The ingredients for the rub

The tenderloin rubbed with the spice mixture

Sweet potatoes chopped up and ready to be boiled

Some lovely fresh rosemary

Slices of pork with sweet potatoes and steamed asparagus


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