Saturday, April 24, 2010

Best Ever Asparagus Bake

When I first read about this dish, I wasn't at all convinced that it would be good.  I mean, who cooks asparagus for 90 minutes???  But the result was tender, slightly crisp, absolutely delicious asparagus.  I've honestly never enjoyed it more than I did in this dish!!
Here's what I did...

  I washed about a pound of asparagus and cut off the woody stems.  Laid half of these on parchment paper (very large sheet) on a baking tray.

Started layering sliced shiitakes and sliced prosciutto on top, as well as seasoning with freshly ground black pepper, Celtic sea salt, a couple of sprigs of fresh tarragon and freshly grated nutmeg
Added another layer of the same (spraying everything on both layers with extra virgin olive oil)

Folded the parchment up and stapled the edges
Baked in a 200F oven for 90 minutes and then opened it up to see this delicious concoction!!!

Put some quinoa (cooked with onions, coconut oil, Celtic sea salt, freshly ground pepper and lots of cayenne) on a plate.

Topped the quinoa with the asparagus mixture and promptly gobbled it up...fantastic!!


  1. YUMMMMMMMMMMM! Your family is very lucky to have such a loving cook/mom/wife!

  2. Thank you so much Gizmo! That made my day :-)


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