Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Dinner

My original plan for last night's dinner was either a beef or lamb stew with Guinness or some sort of baked chicken with a Guinness marinade.  Someone mentioned to me that a local store had stewing beef on sale for a really low price and that it was 'buy one package, get one free', so I headed there to see what I could find.  Once I had a look at the meat section, I soon changed my mind.  The stewing beef was indeed on sale, but it was so incredibly fatty that there was no way I was buying it.  I think it was a good thing I didn't buy it though because on further inspection of the sale flyer, I found out that beef tenderloin was also on sale and was also 'buy one package, get one free'!  I jumped at this and bought some lovely steaks.  I also picked up a Savoy cabbage because I knew I wanted to incorporate that into the meal somehow.  Here's how the meal went...

  I chopped up the Savoy cabbage and placed it in the steamer basket atop my rice cooker (which I filled with Jasmine brown rice, a glug of extra virgin olive oil, water, salt and 2 tbsp. sambal oelek

 Seasoned the steaks with salt and pepper and seared them in a very hot cast iron skillet

 Took some shiitake mushrooms 

Cut them into thin slices

Removed the steaks from the pan and into a hot oven to finish cooking, then sautéed some sliced onions, scraping up the tasty bits from the bottom of the pan.

Added the mushrooms and some chopped garlic (maybe 4 or 5 cloves) and sautéed until everything was softened

Poured in about 1/2 cup of Guinness (and added some salt and pepper)

I love how creamy and rich the Guinness looks!

Sautéed the mixture until the Guinness had evaporated

Once the rice was done, I mixed it with the steamed cabbage

Served the steak atop the rice/cabbage mixture, with the sautéed mushroom/onion/garlic mixture draped over top.

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